Authentic Movement With Hillary Welzenbach

Wednesdays 12:30-2:00pm Closed Group call 406-541-2662 to join.

Individual Sessions by Appointment

Come experience this contemplative movement form. No experience necessary. We will have time for finding and following your own movement, speaking about your movement, and receiving witnessing from the facilitator about your experience. This class may be interesting to people who are looking to connect more with their bodies, dancer's looking to connect more with self originating movement, and anyone looking to become more comfortable exploring their own inner world. Led By: Hillary Funk Welzenbach, LCPC has been a dancer with a bodywork practice since 1996. She has a Masters’ Degree in Somatic Psychology focusing on movement therapy and trauma. She currently studies Authentic Movement with Janet Adler, one of the most prominent living developers of the Authentic Movement form.

CONTACT: Hillary Welzenbach 406541-2662

Djebe Comminuty African Dance Class-Thursdays 6-7 suggested donation $5.

Djebe Community Drum and Dance, created in 2008 by Missoula community members, strives to create a welcoming and friendly space for the community interested in African dance and drum culture to share and expand knowledge, support individual growth, and work with ideas of communal organization. Today, Djebe offers free community dance classes to all levels in African dance, drum, and song from a variety of traditions including, but not exclusive to, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Community classes have live drumming and rotating dance teachers in an informal setting that encourages self expression, voice, and participation. Djebe also has a performing group that is dedicated to lively and engaging performances in and around Missoula to help raise funds in order to bring professional teachers to Missoula. The performance group is open to all who are interested and committed.

CONTACT: Hillary Welzenbach 406-529-2322

Authentic Movement Group with Ann Stevenson

Every other Friday 8:30-10AM. Closed Group, contact 241-1960 to join. Sometimes referred to as a “moving meditation” or “movement in depth”, the basic form of Authentic Movement is offered in dyad or group settings and includes a mover or movers and a witness or witnesses. In choosing to follow or not follow impulses, movers develop their inner witness in the presence of an external witness. Tracking our own embodied experience in the presence of a collective body of movers and witnesses, we come to know the workings of our mind, including projections that obscure clear seeing.

CONTACT: Ann Stevenson 406-241-1960

Flamenco Dance Mondays

Beginning 6:45-7:45

Continuing 7:45-8:45

Victoria brings the energy and spirit of flamenco to her classes. She is dedicated to sharing and preserving this art, which was designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. Victoria began studying flamenco with Elenita Brown in Missoula, while taking advantage of every travel opportunity in early days to study with Maestro Teo Morca, Lydia Torea,Angelica De Leon, and Ena Camargo. Her classes focus on placement and technique specific to flamenco such as braceo or arm movement, floreo or hand movement, footwork and palmas, along with universal dance techniques of working correctly, body line and posture, and interpretation. Flamenco embraces the essence of each unique individual's expression of life. Experience your flamenco moment!

CONTACT: Victoria Linehan